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Tom Calverley| CV

Curriculum Vitae


Here are my academic studies in reverse-date order.

Institute Dates Achievements
Distance Learning College 2010-2015 Ongoing: CMI L5 diploma in leadership and management
University of Liverpool 2010-2015 Ongoing: PhD nuclear structure physics
University of Liverpool 2010-2015 1st class master's degree in physics with honours (MPhys, Hons)
Yale College 2007-2009 A Level Mathematics Mechanics,
A Level Physics,
A Level ICT,
AS Level Chemistry
Ysgol Clywedog 2001-2006 12 GCSE's A* - D


PhD Studies 2015-Present

My PhD studies have allowed me to develop and hone a wide range of highly-transferable soft and hard skills. For example:

Time/ project management

Programming and computing

Data analysis


Effective communication

Scientific writing

... and many more.

Student Vacation Worker 2014

I was employed by the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool during the summer break of the third year of my undergraduate studies.

The decision to pursue such employment was rewarded greatly by means of an incredible learning experience. I was exposed to the more international and professional side of physics not normally experienced by undergraduate students.

I worked alongside the AGATA collaboration, comprised of more than 350 scientists from 43 European institutes. During this time I performed crucial tests and FPGA programming on the state-of-the-art digitiser network for the AGATA array of highly-segmented high-purity germanium gamma-ray tracking detectors.

I gained a lot of experience with different radiation detection systems using both analogue and digital electronics. I was responsible for customer acceptance testing (CAT) of various detectors against manufacturer's specifications. I carried out CAT on several AGATA crystals as well as 65 bismuth germanium oxide (BGO) scintillation detectors for use in the Liverpool detector-scanning apparatus.

I took part in the International Festival for Business 2014. I presented a stand in the exhibition showcasing the novel gamma-ray spectroscopy detectors under development at the University of Liverpool to industry partners.

Publications/ Conference Proceedings

The cards below list the conference proceedings/publications I have authored or coauthored.
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